It's time to build your list!

Maybe you already have a few thousand people reading your emails or maybe you are starting out fresh, with just your mother and your best friend.

Whatever the current size of your list, building it up to that next level is an enormous headache for most entrepreneurs and can suck all the time out of your schedule for the next several months.

And what if something goes wrong?

What if you get stuck and have no idea what to do next?

When you are an entrepreneur, every dollar counts.
A mishandled list build can result in the loss of thousands of dollars AND your credibility!

Put your next virtual summit or giveaway event in the hands of an expert list-building professional!

Kim ScottFirst, let me introduce myself. I'm Kim Scott and I've helped dozens of coaches and other entrepreneurs just like you produce successful virtual summits or giveaways and grow their email list by hundreds or thousands. My clients have hosted telesummits in a variety of areas, including health, spirituality, business, love & relationships. In addition to growing their list, they have also expanded their network of professional connections, learned more about their niche and their target markets, and experienced phenomenal growth in many areas of their business.

Check out these results from recent summits:​

  • DG grew her list with over 3200 targeted leads through a health and spiritually focused telesummit.
  • SP added over 500 targeted leads to his list on the 2nd day of his spiritually-focused telesummit promotion and finished with over 5000 new leads, plus built a large and active Facebook group!
  • MP gained 1000 new leads through a narrow niche-focused business telesummit.
  • JS took her list from 0 to over 3500 through a single heart-based telesummit, plus grew a Facebook group that is highly responsive and discovered a very hot niche in her desired coaching area.
  • JS went on to host 5 additional virtual summits and grew her list to well over 15,000!
  • W & S grew both of their lists by over 1500 through a joint venture giveaway focused on women entrepreneurs!

What's it worth to you to get these kind of results?

It doesn't even have to be difficult!

I will personally walk with you through every step of the process, from initial concept and development through the final finishing touches to wrap everything up.

If you need it, I will help you target your specific goals and needs for your list build, including your target market and best topics to attract them.

I can show you how to find and book the best speakers for your target market.

You will put your best foot forward with a professional web presence, in everything from website design, to social media to email presentation, from start to finish.

"Kim's great attitude, amazing tech skills, fantastic responsiveness and organizational skills were INTEGRAL to the success of the ​Supreme Love Summit. I know this wouldn't have been as big a success without her patience and consistency. She is so great at what she does."

- Dr. Jeanine Staples, Literacy For Life, LLC


Chat with Kim and discover what your summit needs to kick-off correctly, which of our service plans is right for you, and what you will need to do to get started right away. Design a custom package if your summit needs are unique! Walk away from this call with specific action steps you can implement immediately, whether you book our services or not!

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​None of the packages seem right for you? That's ok! I love to create custom packages! Just grab a call with me, tell me your needs, and let's talk it out!

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Planning a Giveaway instead? Our Standard Summit rate is the same for a Giveaway with up to 60 experts and all of the applicable standard services above are included and the various packages and add-ons are the same.


Ala-Cart Add-Ons Available for All Packages:

  • Additional speakers beyond 21: $95 each for starter package, $120 each for standard package, $160 each for VIP or Elite package.
  • Video Editing* (adding a visual and/or audio intro and outro to your video presentations) $45 per video.
  • Audio Editing* (adding a musical or other intro or outro to your audio presentations) $20 per audio.
  • PowerPoint Slides (if any of your interviews need PowerPoint slides to accompany them, we can do this for an extra charge at a to-be-determined rate).
  • Speaker research & vetting. PLEASE NOTE: I only provide this service on a very limited basis, but I am able to outsource the research and/or emailing introduction portion. I strongly encourage you to handle the bulk of inviting your speakers yourself. It is in your best interest to develop one-on-one relationships with your potential speakers long before, or at the very least at the time of, inviting them. (This service, if we decide it is a fit, includes searching for and/or making the initial contact to your potential speakers.) $40 per hour. Amount of time varies based on summit topic/field/desired number of speakers and how well known you are, but typically expect a minimum of 20+ hours. Please note: this is completely separate from our Speaker Management service.
  • We can also work with your virtual assistant or other team member(s) to coordinate various elements of your summit. This can often reduce your overall costs and keep consistency in aspects of your business. Rates will vary depending upon what aspects your team is able to handle.

Included with our VIP and Elite packages and available ala-cart for other packages

  • Professional copywriting of your promotional copy, opt in page copy and sales page copy. (Ala Cart price varies based on needs.)
  • All Access Pass Sales Page created based on your summit design, connected to your cart or payment processor of choice, connected to your email management system (may require an additional 3rd party service such as Zapier), autoresponder email and digital delivery of All Access Pass and any bonuses you may wish to provide. (Ala Cart $997 for up to 1000 words.)

Included in our standard, VIP and Elite packages (and available Ala Cart):

  • Custom design and full management of telesummit/giveaway website including opt in page, welcome page, and daily audio or video speaker pages with your copy and the copy provided by your speakers.
  • Design of graphical elements including summit banners, sidebar ads and memes for social media posting.
  • Unique tracking links created for each of your speakers and extras for your own use.
  • Speaker Promotional Materials: Solo email copy (provided by you), social media posts (provided by you), and graphical elements created for your speaker’s use and all posted to a convenient speaker resource center on your summit website.
  • Email marketing management of the summit using your copy to set up an autoresponder, daily emails, and after-summit thank you/survey email, etc. We recommend ConvertKit or GetResponse.
  • Management of your audio or video, collected by you, in your service of choice such as YouTube, Vimeo, or InstantTeleseminar.
  • Reporting of analytical data including Google analytics, opt ins and speaker links, as needed.
  • Daily professional social media post created and scheduled for up to 2 platforms during the 2 weeks leading up to the launch of your summit and through the finale of your summit.
  • Quality proofing of grammar and spelling errors in all summit pages and emails.
  • Website, email and audio/visual tech support* throughout the summit.
  • Speaker management, to include sending your contract to speakers, obtaining necessary information from them, reminders and speaker support as needed.
  • Detailed timeline so you know what to expect from our team and what steps you need to implement each week.
  • Useful templates for starting your copywriting process.


  • *Technology issues that are out of the ordinary, beyond our control, and/or which seem to sporadically affect relatively few individuals are not included in the overall tech support that is provided in the summit packages. Software problems that require extensive troubleshooting and reconfiguring will be billed at $60 per hour.
  • *Basic video/audio editing is included in the overall package price which includes removing dead space or non-interview chatter from the beginning and end of your recordings and simple splicing to remove bloopers, interruptions, technology issues, etc from the middle of your audio or video; up to 4 basic edits per audio/video. Please be sure to record your videos in the smallest acceptable file size, as videos of 500mb or larger will not be downloadable or editable by myself or my team due to bandwidth limitations and will also reduce the your subscribers viewing experience.

"So easy and flexible to work with. Thank you for everything with my recent summit/speaker series!"

- Kim Jones, Coach


Chat with Kim and discover what your summit needs to kick-off correctly, which of our service plans is right for you, and what you will need to do to get started right away. Design a custom package if your summit needs are unique! Walk away from this call with specific action steps you can implement immediately, whether you book our services or not!

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