When planning a virtual summit, one of the first things a host does is find speakers.

There are many ways to do this, but one of the methods I recommend is to research people who have already appeared on other summits that you find of interest or on a similar topic.

These folks show that they already love being on summits and understand how the process works. They are a great place to start!

But when researching these people, I have often found that they cannot be found. Anywhere.

Occasionally its because they have too common of a name. They may share their name with a popular actor, politician or historical figure and there is not much chance of beating them out on Google.

Other times, its because they simply don’t have their name connected to their business in a prominent fashion. I’m not talking about making their name be the name of their business. Not at all!

Let’s say you take the “Facebook stalker” method of researching someone. (Guilty!) I tend to do this after I cannot find them in a Google search.

You type in their name in the search bar. You find several people with that name, but one of them has several mutual friends or their thumbnail picture looks like the one you saw on the summit. You click on them, and yes, you are pretty sure it is them. But they do not have a link to their business page or even the name of their business. Anywhere.

The part of this that is really frustrating, is that not only are they missing out on potential speaking opportunities…how many CUSTOMERS are they missing out on? How many customers remember their name from that podcast or summit interview, but didn’t catch the URL they shared, so they try to track them down this way. And wind up with nothing.

So, the message to you today is to please make sure your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any and all other accounts are LINKED to your business page or website! I’m not telling you to spend hours and hours marketing your business on these platforms. That’s great to do, but if it is not your thing, then its not your thing. (Maybe consider hiring someone to do it for you though.)

All I am saying is that you need to have all of these connected with a clear and visible link, whether clickable or not, to your primary website and/or business page.

Your friends aren’t going to care if you have your Facebook profile list that you work at YourName company. I’d be willing to bet that at least half of them list their J.O.B. on their profile as working at such and such employer.

Even if you want to keep your Facebook page 100% private only to real-life friends and family, you can still have this little bit of information showing to the public. So your future networking contacts and clients can find you.

So here are my quick tips for anyone who is wanting to grow their business and get connections with virtual summit or podcast interviews, live event speaking or, really, anything else professionally. Add your business information to your social media pages!!

  • Indicate that you “work” at the name of your business. But don’t just say the name of your business, because that still isn’t much help. You need an actual link. Facebook will dead-end connect it to a generic page that isn’t yours, otherwise.
  • Actually, tag your business page in the “workplace” on Facebook when you are indicating you work there.
  • Make your title something clever so people actually want to learn more. Be creative. It doesn’t have to be “CEO” or speaker. It could be “best speaker ever” at….
  • If you don’t have a business page or website to tag, well hun, its high time you got to that! You’ll never hit thousands of raving Facebook fans if you don’t start out with just your mom liking it.
  • When you post to your Facebook business page, share that post to your personal page, cross-post, if appropriate, to other platforms, and keep all of THOSE posts public. I’m not ever suggesting that you keep your kids pictures public or your vacation photos, etc. But anything you share from your business page to your personal NEEDS to be public so that people who stumble upon your personal page first will find even more ways to click through. Just toggle that little person icon to the “world” and voila!
  • If you make images (like memes) for Instagram or Facebook, especially if its a quote of yours or something you have created yourself, watermark your page name or your website URL to the image. Sometimes they get downloaded and reposted rather than shared, and then you have lost it and the potential connection. But if it’s ON the image, its harder for the person reposting it to remove it. (And if they try, that’s a whole other problem called copyright infringement…) So take a couple of seconds and do that.
  • Encourage the host of any speaking gigs you are on to tag you personally (if you are OK with that) AND (mostly this) to tag your business on every single social media post they make about you. Not only does this benefit them by automatically making their posts more visible to your audience, but it also benefits YOU because their audience, both the one’s today and the ones a year from now, will be able to click through to YOUR business page.

My point in all this is that if you want to get yourself out there as a speaker, you really need a move obvious social media presence professionally. I am not a social media guru, I do not manage social media for others in my business. (But I know some experts who do! I can hook you up if you are in need of someone.) My expertise is in the management of virtual summits, so I see the side of the person who is looking for you all the time. And I want them to find you! So please, take a few minutes and implement the steps I have mentioned if you haven’t already.




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