- Your Podcast -

Podcasts are HOT! You love to talk, to interview, to share your thoughts with the world. And you want to use a podcast as your main tool! But where do you start? What's the best platform to host it? Should it be on iTunes or not? And how exactly do you get it there?

I'm here to meet your podcasting needs, whether you're just thinking about podcasting or you're already established and have a ton of subscribers.

I will meet with you, listen to your wishes for your podcast, talk about your target market, the other resources you have already established, and together we will build a strategy customized to your business needs and goals.

Exclusive services include podcast start-up, ongoing podcast management, and combining your podcast with your sales funnel and other endeavors to create a complete marketing plan.


Schedule a call with Kim and talk through your podcast dreams and needs, decide which of our service plans is right for you, and what you will need to do to get started right away. Design a custom package if your needs are unique! Walk away from this call with specific action steps you can implement immediately, whether you book our services or not!

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